Custom Work


You supply the .jpgs, I turn it into stylized finished piece of artwork. 

Your photo library turned into a stunning painting.

Abstract images of incredible color and texture created to fix your space.

Large installations, special projects? Here are some things we have produced over the years...

Purchse 8" x 10" giclee prints. Matted, finished size 11" x 14" ready to go for standard frames. Many to choose from. 

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Your Family

From photograph to finished art, capture a moment in time. This piece was 32" x 48" and made an excellent statement above the fireplace.

Your Photos

Got a great .jpg that you are really proud of? Turn it into something you can look at on something larger than a phone.

Your Memories

A special painting for a remembered relative. For a special place in your heart and in your home

Straight from your iphone...

A Collage of Your MEMORIES

Your photo album

Project manager

Send individual pictures, share a photo in iclould or Flickr account, let's have a look at what you like.

Your colors


We carefully decide what is going to work in the space you like.

Draft a drawing


From your photos we play with the design and create a very special and memorable image that you approve .



A stunning boardroom piece

Standing 8' tall and spanning 12' these three panels depict the growth of Atlanta. It is part of the permanent collection of HudsonParrottWalker, Atlanta


This humungous three panel piece is installed above a client's swimming pool in a newly constructed contemporary residence. 

Power Play

This 5'x 5' piece is a stunning example of the neo-fresco media and is installed in the office of one Atlanta's leading CEO's.


One-man abstractions

Painting is a window in the cellblock of the mind. Each one of these unique pieces reaches deep inside the viewer and unlocks an instant of inspiration where the mind can stretch beyond the mundane and experience its full width and breath. The artist brings the actors, scenery, make-up and lighting to the stage by preparing the material he uses. The house lights dim and the curtain rises and the powers of nature (and those powers greater than the human hand) interact. Each is an interplay of color and texture, of the fundamental forces of nature. Viewing each one is left with the inspiration of hope based on the experience of the soul. 

Who paints with a leaf blower?  I do. These pieces range in size from modest 48" x  32" to overwhelming 96" x  144" and can be made larger if need be.