Beyond a doubt this is one of the most spiritually exciting books that I have ever read. It is the story of a brain scientist’s debilitating stroke and recovery. Essentially the blood plumbing in her brain goes bad. She details every moment as her left brain is starved of nutrients and is poisoned by the blood flowing on it.

Her description of the experience of being conscience in the right brain is unbelievable. That is it is unimaginable. If you are even minimally interested in “what’s inside” up in your head, this is one hell of a read. I am going to post more as I go through it a second time.

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.
– Hamlet (1.5.167-8), Hamlet to Horatio


St. Stephen

St. Stephen
St. Stephen

Work in progress. This is  32″x72″ piece to be donated to St. Stephen’s Church in Coconut Grove. I will discuss how it came to be later. First let me discuss the elements of the piece.

St. Stephen was the first martyr of what was forming as the Christian church. He was murdered somewhere around 34AD in Jerusalem. According to historians, at the time the Greek speaking Hebrews were at odds with the Hebrews native to Israel. They (the Greek-speeking Hebrews) felt they weren’t getting their fair share of the social welfare work being done in the city. The original apostles were stretched too thin and so they decided to hand select a group of “deacons” to oversee the effort. Continue reading “St. Stephen”

Thank you Huffington Post and Foursquare!

Well, even I must stop now and then to give myself a bit of kudos….   Several years ago I was involved is designing and constructing the interior and exterior of a a coffee shop named Rev in Smyrna, GA. Specifically, 1680 Spring Rd SE Ste B (at Jonquil Dr), Smyrna, GA 30080. Originally, it was a automotive repair garage, we morphed it into a coffee shop that has been operating successfully for a number of years now.

On January 20, The Huffington Post announced it was THE “best place for coffee” in the state of Georgia! The article was picked up by the Atlanta Journal/Constitution and cited “Foursquare users site the coffee (duh), quiche and bacon and cheddar muffins, as well as the atmosphere, as reasons Rev ranks so highly.”

I don’t make muffins and I don’t make coffee, but, I did make the atmosphere. (Also if you look closely at the first picture below, you will see my artwork for sale).

So, there you go…..   Thank you for indulging me and my ego.

I’m Here to Learn a Lesson?


Few things make me crazier than hearing someone say, “God is trying to teach me a lesson.”  Really?

The all powerful, omnipotent, creator of everything seen and unseen is treating you like a pet?  Go on the papers not on the rug?  I marvel at the extreme vastness and peculiarity of the universe. And then I think of how much trouble it must be to create all of that…just to teach lessons.

God is love. True love . Nothing more, nothing less. Imagine how small a God would have to be if He/She were to be preoccupied watching every move our species made in order to make sure we doing the right thing…not peeing on the carpet?

No my God is greater than that. He created nature as in the “nature of things.’ As in it is the nature of an object to fall toward earth. We call this mysterious nature gravity, but, it just is. We learn the nature of gravity at our earliest stages. We fall until we can walk.

Much in the same way, we learn the nature of right/wrong, moral/immoral, self/humanity, etc.

Just thinking on a Sunday morning.

Tall Ships


Imagine a day 200 years ago when the sight of this was a technology incomprehensible to most of the world.  This was the ICBM of the day.  Now we have fleets of invisible robot drones that can track somebody down…anywhere.

Who won the war?

The Military-Industrial no, Media-Political Complex


A week away and in NC more than $100M has been spent to win a job that pays a little over $100K per year…what?  Forty five years ago, Crosby Stills and Nash sang a song at Woodstock – “Wooden Ships.” In the song the lyric goes, “can you tell me please, who won the war?”  At the time we believed that the vast Military-Industrial complex were the rulers of the world and we were their pawns.

Today, I think differently.

The mainstream media creates a divide among the people. The create sides and force us to take sides. Their truth is ratings and money. They create situations which get people so worked up that the political machine can reach out and ask ordinary citizens for money…its called fund-raising. I can’t begin to tell you how many emails I got this year from both sides of the aisle.

When I looked into complaining, I found that the politicians conveniently allowed themselves permission to “spam-at-will” and merely requesting to be taken off of their mailing lists is impossible. The rules don’t apply to them.

So, if I can put this in context, the “news” of the day is that there is an impending crisis caused by one side or the other and the only answer is for me to contribute money so that the problem can be addressed. When I push send, my contribution might as well go directly to a particular broadcast, newscast outlet…the media!

In North Carolina, the system is working like a charm. More than $100M is going to those folks who run the machine. Nice cars, lavish homes, etc. Not a cent goes towards anything that could be constructive.  Its found money!  Money from yours and my pockets. They are preying on us like there is no tomorrow.

If you want to define the country as haves and have-nots, then look at the power holders and the non-productive members of our society…those who make nothing but money. Look at the media and the politicians, not our nation’s industry.

2014 Hugs and Kisses


Well, Merry Christmas…

This year I am giving myself the ultimate gift. Permission to paint, draw and create in an unlimited fashion.

After a brutal year on the circuit in 2013, I noticed a couple important trends. The good news was that I was getting into better art festivals and winning awards. The bad news was that folks were outselling me.  In one instance, a patron came into my booth and I invited them to look at the work on a back panel. They came back, saw my neighbor’s abstract work and walked immediately over to her spending a considerable amount of money on a large painting!

I had always eschewed abstract work, claiming that I needed something to hold on to in a piece. I needed an anchor.

Recently I was reviewing an Andy Warhol documentary where it was shared that he never threw anything out…no work was ever rejected! Again, this was stunning. I can’t tell you how many dumpsters around the country have my work in them. Work that didn’t sell, work that wasn’t good enough, worked that I had judged unsuitable.

I have decided to try Andy’s way. That is, adopt a philosophy of “there is no bad art.”

Rather than paint abstraction, I have decided to paint concepts. A dialog if you will, like Gerhard Richter. The dialog is always the same. The Beatles said it fifty years ago and it hasn’t changed – “love is all you need.”

Again, please excuse me, but, going back to Warhol, he worked with analog tools in an analog world. A tape recorder, he called it his “wife,” a Polaroid camera, a movie camera…all analog.

Well, today the tape recorder is replaced with a digital servant on the phone, “Siri” The phone also makes movies, takes stills, plays music…all digital.

In the digital world everything is either a one or a zero. Quantum theory tells us that there is a third state that is being explored now.

So, to update Warhol, all of my work in 2014 will be digital. Instead of 1’s or 0’s I am working in X’s and O’s…those same symbols that people used to close (analog) snail mail with…X0X0 or hugs and kisses.

Yes all you need is love. So, all I am going to paint is love…X’s and O’s.

Hang on, the first wave of experimentation looks good. I will be sharing it with you soon.



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The story of America’s strangest art museum is told on the video, the Art of the Steal

Because I don’t know how…



I saw an interview w/Andy Warhol. They were asking him about the variations in the now famous electric chair painting.  His response was astounding, “It looks like that because I don’t know how to silk screen…” Wow.