Autism Vines

“Perception” A statement about Autism
It isn’t what we see…it is how we see it

This is a series of pieces inspired by the “static” that an individual with autism suffers as he or she interacts with the world. It also is a statement as to the “static” that a loved one feels in dealing with an autistic family member.

The works are a “new” form of art, short vine videos with original sound tracks. The work is “looped” often the way the autistic perceives and reports on his or her environment.  The repetition.  It was done with time lapse photography and its elements are simple X’s and O’s – hugs and kisses – the original emoticon. Set against the infinite possibilities of the autistic mind, it can become almost indecipherable – for the giver and the receiver.

Autism truly challenges our understanding of the emotion love. My experience suggests that its impact on the family of the autistic only grows deeper and more profound as time passes.

God bless the one’s that make our ordinary lives so much richer. The finished paintings are available for sale with a percentage donated to local adult autism projects.

Click on each page to view each Vine. 

Artists Proof #1

Artists Proof #2

Artists Proof #3

Artists Proof #4

Artists Proof #5

Artists Proof #6

Artists Proof #7 (I love you)

Artists Proof #8

Artists Proof #9

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