Three Buddha


The young lady who purchased this piece, Abi, asked about its back story. Abi, since the story is so rich, I have chosen to share it on this forum. I hope this works for you.

Three. Three is the threshold for self/spiritual/knowledge. Three is important because it brings dimension. Two is a dyad. Something is hot or cold or somewhere in-between. When we reference the world, particularly the spiritual world in the triad (as opposed to the dyad) we begin to find insight.

Body/Mind/Spirit. Ego/Id/Superego, Father/Son/Holy spirit…these high concepts can only begin to be explained in threes. In each case, each is a part of the whole, but, not the whole. ¬†Perhaps the most direct explanation is he mystery of Christianity. One God, three parts. ¬†It is an extremely difficult idea to get one’s arms around.

In our visual perception too, things are not exactly what we take them for. Two, dimensional art, for example, photographs…imply a certain order to visual information. Scientists today are recognizing that what really happens in our “mind’s eye” is that we perceive the photograph, we see the two dimensions, but, in fact we have an awareness of all the space around us. We can sense that there are things closer, farther, behind, etc. In other words, while we are looking at things, we are processing them on a far higher level.

Which brings me to three Buddhas. They are not three Buddhas. They are one Buddha but perceived as something far greater than itself. Imagine your Buddha as perceived by yourself on three different days, each with its own lighting, mood, vibe, etc. Monet used to paint the same image and change canvases to reflect the changing light conditions, often within the period of an hour.

Imagine perceiving all three days in the same instance. Imagine what the reality of Buddha would be if we could see his relationship with dreams, the rich, the poor, the afflicted, the indifferent…all at once.

In contrast, in the early 1900’s photographers used a stereoscopic effect to show 3-D images.

Knowing what we know about dark energy, metaphysics and quantum theory, three buddhas is a statement about what we see and what is going on in its totality.


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