Three Buddha


The young lady who purchased this piece, Abi, asked about its back story. Abi, since the story is so rich, I have chosen to share it on this forum. I hope this works for you.

Three. Three is the threshold for self/spiritual/knowledge. Three is important because it brings dimension. Two is a dyad. Something is hot or cold or somewhere in-between. When we reference the world, particularly the spiritual world in the triad (as opposed to the dyad) we begin to find insight.

Body/Mind/Spirit. Ego/Id/Superego, Father/Son/Holy spirit…these high concepts can only begin to be explained in threes. In each case, each is a part of the whole, but, not the whole.  Perhaps the most direct explanation is he mystery of Christianity. One God, three parts.  It is an extremely difficult idea to get one’s arms around. Continue reading “Three Buddha”

Thank you Huffington Post and Foursquare!

Well, even I must stop now and then to give myself a bit of kudos….   Several years ago I was involved is designing and constructing the interior and exterior of a a coffee shop named Rev in Smyrna, GA. Specifically, 1680 Spring Rd SE Ste B (at Jonquil Dr), Smyrna, GA 30080. Originally, it was a automotive repair garage, we morphed it into a coffee shop that has been operating successfully for a number of years now.

On January 20, The Huffington Post announced it was THE “best place for coffee” in the state of Georgia! The article was picked up by the Atlanta Journal/Constitution and cited “Foursquare users site the coffee (duh), quiche and bacon and cheddar muffins, as well as the atmosphere, as reasons Rev ranks so highly.”

I don’t make muffins and I don’t make coffee, but, I did make the atmosphere. (Also if you look closely at the first picture below, you will see my artwork for sale).

So, there you go…..   Thank you for indulging me and my ego.