So how do you know when you are dreaming. A dreary day. Sunday at the Peter Anderson Arts Festival in Ocean Springs, MS…  Steady drizzle. Cool weather.

What you don’t see is the dreamy part.  Directly behind me is the show organizer, two hours earlier she asked me to come to the main stage because “I had won an award” but she wouldn’t say what it was for. Earlier in the day, my wife noted that they only gave out an limited amount of awards…four I think…  Anyway, I was surprised at best.

I wandered around for 15 minutes until I found the stage. A rather talented slide guitar player was entertaining twenty or so fans all huddled under an EZ Up tent in the middle of a field. I asked the man working the sound if I was in the right place. He assured me I was.

The drizzle left no where to “be.” I sat in a folding chair and immediately noticed it was a lot wetter than it looked. (Now my ass was sopping wet.) Several speeches later, they came to announce the awards. I remember hearing “Best of Show” then a seemingly long pause. Then the young woman (the show organizer) said my name.

I was floored.

I was summoned to the front of the stage, where I was handed the extremely large plaque I am holding. In front of me are a battery of photographers using a plethora of devices such as iPads, iPhones and alike. Not a camera in sight. However, each beckoned my attention.

Not being able to turn around, I heard a voice in my ear. It was the judge. She was gushing over how much she enjoyed my work. Unbeknownst to me was her identity. I could feel her hair touching mine, I felt the cold air and the drizzle that was falling horizontally with the wind, but, I had no idea who was talking with me.  Dreamy huh?

Later a fellow award winner sent me this photo. I think it is the woman in the orange ski vest that I owe my gratitude to?

I don’t know, but I was struck with the idea that perhaps dreams prepare us for the unworldly, unexpected things that happen in life. I don’t know, I’m just sayin….

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