I’m Here to Learn a Lesson?


Few things make me crazier than hearing someone say, “God is trying to teach me a lesson.”  Really?

The all powerful, omnipotent, creator of everything seen and unseen is treating you like a pet?  Go on the papers not on the rug?  I marvel at the extreme vastness and peculiarity of the universe. And then I think of how much trouble it must be to create all of that…just to teach lessons.

God is love. True love . Nothing more, nothing less. Imagine how small a God would have to be if He/She were to be preoccupied watching every move our species made in order to make sure we doing the right thing…not peeing on the carpet?

No my God is greater than that. He created nature as in the “nature of things.’ As in it is the nature of an object to fall toward earth. We call this mysterious nature gravity, but, it just is. We learn the nature of gravity at our earliest stages. We fall until we can walk.

Much in the same way, we learn the nature of right/wrong, moral/immoral, self/humanity, etc.

Just thinking on a Sunday morning.

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