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Who won the war?

The Military-Industrial no, Media-Political Complex


A week away and in NC more than $100M has been spent to win a job that pays a little over $100K per year…what?  Forty five years ago, Crosby Stills and Nash sang a song at Woodstock – “Wooden Ships.” In the song the lyric goes, “can you tell me please, who won the war?”  At the time we believed that the vast Military-Industrial complex were the rulers of the world and we were their pawns.

Today, I think differently.

The mainstream media creates a divide among the people. The create sides and force us to take sides. Their truth is ratings and money. They create situations which get people so worked up that the political machine can reach out and ask ordinary citizens for money…its called fund-raising. I can’t begin to tell you how many emails I got this year from both sides of the aisle.

When I looked into complaining, I found that the politicians conveniently allowed themselves permission to “spam-at-will” and merely requesting to be taken off of their mailing lists is impossible. The rules don’t apply to them.

So, if I can put this in context, the “news” of the day is that there is an impending crisis caused by one side or the other and the only answer is for me to contribute money so that the problem can be addressed. When I push send, my contribution might as well go directly to a particular broadcast, newscast outlet…the media!

In North Carolina, the system is working like a charm. More than $100M is going to those folks who run the machine. Nice cars, lavish homes, etc. Not a cent goes towards anything that could be constructive.  Its found money!  Money from yours and my pockets. They are preying on us like there is no tomorrow.

If you want to define the country as haves and have-nots, then look at the power holders and the non-productive members of our society…those who make nothing but money. Look at the media and the politicians, not our nation’s industry.

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