Art Is the Last Weapon (Give Peace a Chance)

The headlines are throwing me for a loop.  The one thing you would expect from a Nobel Peace Prize winner is, well, peace…  Not so fast.


In 1969 John and Yoko offered a solution, an alternative, a simple idea…Give Peace a Chance.  There has not been a day of peace since then in my life. Peace has never gotten its “chance.”

The latest straw was a bunch of union thugs acting as protesters for “climate change.” Movie stars, musicians, celebrities, politicians, and other ne’er do wells flew in on private jets, the so called protesters left mountains of trash and hardest of all, when asked why they weren’t protesting the new military initiatives in Syria, the response was they were “burned out.”  Protesting is just another job I guess, everybody needs a small vacation. The environment can’t cry out at the hypocrisy.  On to page two in the news.

It wasn’t always like that. A simple idea like peace used to carry water.  People used to actually care.

I guess the bottom-line is there is more money in making bullets than making art. Both sides have got to get that stuff from somewhere. Democrats and Republicans agree on it.

As an artist, what is left? We can’t rely on the media, they are totally indifferent. Naked pictures of celebrities are more important than death in the desert. Most people get their news from the mouths of comedians. Talking heads make millions. Does anybody care?


Art. Art. Art. All we are left with is making “peace bombs.” Art is the other end of the spectrum from war. Guernica never killed anyone, it only reported on killingThe only way for peace to ever get its chance is in a painting, a sculpture, a small  thing of beauty, a respite from the madness of the world.

I mean, what is the point of saving the earth if it only to be populated by vicious killers?

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Visual art, tatoos and food

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Good morning. I am sitting here wondering if one of those man-on-the-street, horseback research studies would show that people are more aware of “pop” chefs than of contemporary “artists.” I would love to go around and ask a dozen people to name a living artist…

Balance this with the phenomenon of the investment folks make in tattoos…they pay top dollar for a small image to be permanently put on their bodies, yet are reluctant to purchase wall art?

Just food for thought.