Echoes of Pain

RodmanIs there a greater pain than knowing you are sick, knowing the cure and knowing that it somehow lies beyond your reach?

I channel surf. At one point Celebrity Apprentice had a group of people of which Dennis Rodman was one, all vying for some sort of prize. His behavior was bizarre. I never did follow the show but surfed it. It seems at one point Donald Trump said something to the effect that Mr. Rodman was going to treatment following his performance on the show. It seems this was a few years ago.

Recently Mr. Rodman had been to North Korea and again there was some buz regarding his behavior, what he said, etc.  Again, Mr. Rodman is off to re-hab.

I  cannot think of anything more painful than what he is going through. The second step in all twelve step programs is “Came to believe that Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.”  From an Alcoholic Anonymous perspective, the step does not say “would prevent us from drinking” or some such thing as that. Clearly it states “restore us to sanity.”

It seems that Mr. Rodman has been walking around for sometime in a state of insanity. Being insane is one thing, after going through recovery and becoming “certified” insane is another.

Again, I can’t think of few things more painful than walking around, knowing everything you do, say or think is “insane.”

Prayers for all those out there that knowingly suffer with insanity and all the folks that they impact.



The “New” Fame

bankseyIt hit me like a brick this morning. The price of fame has inflated to such a high price that it is no longer desirable!

In one hand I have a doll of Andy Warhol, in the other hand a doll resembling Banksy. The Warhol doll was carefully crafted to be “highly recognizable” in black and white, the two most dominant colors of print media ( i.e. newspapers) in the 1960’s. It has a wig, the face is pale, often the wardrobe is black and white. Overall it is highly recognizable.

In my other hand is a doll with no face, no clothes, no distinguishing marks whatsoever. As a matter of fact, I am not really sure it is a “Banksy” doll?

Each of the dolls sells well. Each has made its mark on history. The work of each commands a small (or large) fortune, each has legions of followers.

The odd thing is the Banksy doll is newer. It no longer wants to enter a room and have everything stop. It much prefers to go into a restaurant with his family and sit down to a “normal” dinner. It doesn’t want to be hounded by the press, chased by paparazzi, filtered by handlers and molded by critics…Jerry Saltz is sooo jealous of this doll.

What makes the newer doll most interesting is that it is the only doll of all of the dolls on the shelf – the actor/actress dolls, producer/director dolls, political, musician, and performing arts dolls that can go down the street unnoticed…yet it can communicate with its audience at will bringing uncensored messages, messages that do not have to pass through social filters…this doll goes where it wants does what it wants to do, this doll is “part-of” rather than “apart-from” the society it choses to mirror.


Welcome to 2014. Have a nice year.

Remember 2013?


Here are a couple thoughts for the new year. this is the time of the year for looking back. We watched a show last night about a look back on the 80’s. It made me think of what will we look back at 2013? This is the year of the “selfie.” I have seen more people taking pictures of themselves and posting them to Facebook this year. Post after post of pictures of themselves? Earlier this year, Geraldo posted a naked picture of himself? One has to wonder why?

I think 2013 will be know as the year of “shameless” self promotion. What are people trying to say about themselves…look I really am happy, look wouldn’t you like to look like me, wouldn’t you want what I have? What is the soul wrapped inside of the insanity saying?

In 2013 we said, its ok, let it go, let it out. the only problem is that it is ultimately boring, really boring. How long are we going to be looking at pictures of ourselves? Is there only so much room for the Kardasians or do we secretly laugh at those people knowing there is only so much room for that level of self-indulgence?

It used to be artists were the only people who were capable of implementing self-promotion on a large scale. Dali, Picasso, Warhol. Now, technology has made it possible for a “somewhat” respected aged journalist to have a glass or two of wine and send a picture that he has taken of himself to the world. Why? Because it is the way I want the world to see me, not the way that it is?

2013 is also the year Twitter went public. What about confining all of our thoughts to 140 characters? Just a twitter of a thought.