Recession Art.

AUGUST 15, 2012

For Immediate Release:

FlackArt to debut “Art that is made to be re-cycled” at Folk Fest 2012.

People change, tastes change, homes change and now your art can change too. To de-stigmatize that decision as to whether or not you will be satisfied with a piece of fine art for all eternity, Paul Flack am introducing art that is intended to be re-cycled.

Priced at $5.00 each, (a discount of two for $10.00 will be honored), each of these unique works is created on a brown paper bag. The work may be “hung” as a traditional painting or simply open the bag and place the now piece of 3-D work anywhere in your environment. When the time comes that your décor, living situation or taste change; the bag is ready to be used as a refuge, storage or carrying container!

The concept is based on the new economy of the past four years. In spite of hard times, Apple is having its greatest years ever selling replacement phones and Ipads. In the case of phones, people are not wearing out old phones but rather “trading up.” With the housing bust, many peoples’ lives have become transitory. Fewer people are buying houses. Renting and leasing cars, homes and other stuff is very in vogue. Ergo, the walls you look at today might not be the ones you look at tomorrow. So, maybe you don’t want to purchase a piece for the rest of your life. Maybe you just want something for today and maybe tomorrow.

According to Flack, president, FlackArt, “ The concept of temporary art allows clients mental flexibility. Purchase the work, enjoy it and re-purpose it. No regrets. All of the fun of acquiring art at a show without the calories.”

Flack will be premiering the work during Folk Fest, August 17-19 at the North Atlanta Trade Center
I-85 & Indian Trail Rd. Norcross, Georgia. For more info on the festival visit

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