Art Basel 2011

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“when the earth moves again, my friend…” Jefferson Airplane circa 1971.

Recently a friend has posted some petroglyph images on Facebook that have sparked quite a reaction in my soul.

Across the universe.

These images were found in New Mexico. In a place that was once seacoast. They were made some 40,000 years ago. Similar images were found in South Africa, dated about the same time. There was also a third set, but the details on them escape me.

Generally, it is thought that these images represent the shaman’s experiences as he ingested various conscience-altering substances and touched other dimensions of being. In my opinion, they are “white board” images used to communicate and illustrate the essence of the experience. It is important that they are found in sheltered areas, because the content of the messages was meant to be used a permanent reference in a very transitory world of nomadic existence.

In this blog and in the works to come that will be generated from these musings, I will attempt pull on the threads of commonality we share over our 40,000+ revolutions around the sun.